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  • 3-4ft Pot-Grown Nordman Fir Christmas Trees

3-4ft Pot-Grown Nordman Fir Christmas Trees

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These beautiful trees have been grown on nurseries in the south of England.
Nordman Firs (Abies nordmaniana) have striking dark green foliage with a beautiful silver sheen on the underside.
They have a good Christmas tree smell and if correctly looked after, have  a very good needle retention. 

This is the best way of buying a Christmas tree if you want to keep one from year to year. If they are planted straight in to the garden or planted in a pot and watered regularly will have an almost 100% success rate.They can be happily used as a real tree inside your home and if kept as cool as possible again would have a relatively good chance of survival. Just treat them like a very large houseplant!

Check out our Christmas tree care guide  for hints and tips how to look after your pot grown rooted real Christmas tree. 

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