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  • Daffodil Jetfire (50 Pack)

Daffodil Jetfire (50 Pack)

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Everybody loves a trumpet. And there's only one way a trumpet can be improved. By being orange. Fortunately this daffodil's trumpet is certainly bright orange, which naturally makes it the most wonderful kind of daffodil. Match with other yellow daffodils to really highlight the jetfire's unusual flower. Planting and Advice - Can grow up to 20cm and it has a bold yellow flower and a stunning coral trumpet. - Plant between August to November at one and a half times their depth, and you will have a stunning carpet of colour in the early spring months. -These hardy plants are great for beginner gardeners as well as those with years of experience. This also means that, although they prefer sunny spots, they can take being planted in partially shaded areas, leaving more room for sun-loving plants. -This pack contains 50 bulbs.

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