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  • Jack's Magic Compost 60l bag

Jack's Magic Compost 60l bag

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Perfect for seed sowing, potting, planting and containers. Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost blends the finest 100% natural ingredients to create a pure and balanced growing medium, which produces super natural growth and exceptional health for plants and blooms all around your house and garden. Jack's Magic is a specially formulated peat based compost enriched with organic fertiliser to feed your plants for the first 4-5 weeks after potting. Jack's magical formula includes a natural seaweed extract that improves seed germination & establishment, improves root development, enhances flower, fruit and vegetable quality, builds long lasting plant vitality. This bag contains 60L. Pst! Compare our prices- £6.99 from Homebase or £16.99 from Pantiles Ltd on amazon. BUY 2 BAGS OF JACK'S MAGIC COMPOST FOR £10. While stocks last.

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