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  • Gardman Bypass Loppers

Gardman Bypass Loppers

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Lopping is never as much fun as the word sounds. Especially if the new loppers you’ve just bought aren’t even as sharp as you’re teeth and are giving you Everest-sized blisters. These Gardman loppers are from their best quality Moulten Mill range, so they won’t let you down. This particular bypass design has been created especially for trimming and tidying living foliage as the blade will ensure a cleaner cut. These blades will have you lopping a little, and lolling around in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. Specification - Coated top blade for smooth cutting, meaning a clean cut which makes it less likely for your plants to contract an infection. - Double curved blade for more controlled cutting which makes it less likely that branches will fly off and hit you. Which is rather annoying. - Geared cutting function means you can cut items whose width is up to 30mm in diameter, so you can show that wood who’s boss. - Ergonomic shaped handles ensure comfort during use, because if you’re clearing your garden the last thing you need is more pain. - Ash handles sourced from sustainable forests. Eco is always good. - 75cm long. - Traditional styling. Ensuring you look great when gardening.

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