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  • Lucky Bamboo -Dracaena sanderiana

Lucky Bamboo -Dracaena sanderiana

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Chinese legend has it that a gift of lucky bamboo will bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness. It is a popular cure in Feng shui -a lucky symbol to entice Chi energy in to your home or office. Tie red ribbon as a symbol of fire around the shoots to combine the five elements of Feng Shui. However, to ensure prosperity,  it is important to make sure you care for plants carefully. First  choose the perfect place,- in Feng shui terms the south west corner of your home (as if looking in to your home with your back to the front door) and from the plants perspective a good light spot, near a window. Shoots should be kept wet (in about an inch of water) but try to avoid watering with  tap water all the time as plants are sensitive to Chlorine. Best to use distilled or rain water. Feed with a few drops of liquid feed every 2-3 weeks with a dilute houseplant feed such as Houseplant Focus by growth Technology.  Mist plants occasionally & your plants should provide you with a stream of good fortune.  

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