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Looking After your Christmas Tree

Okay, so you've spent hours finding your perfect real Christmas tree and now you want to make sure it's still looking brilliant up until the twelfth night. Our Nordman Fir low drop real Christmas trees have been harvested as late as possible & we immediately remove the nets on arrival, this allows the air to circulate-when they are kept compact in the net -they start to compost straightaway -leading to needle drop. So we've helped you find a brilliant tree-now it's up to you! Our best advice is to treat your Christmas tree like a So here's our top tips for making sure or your Christmas tree looks fabulous over the entire festive period.

Cut off the bottom inch or inch and a half of the tree (about 4cm) - we can do this for you, if you like, just ask a member of our team. Immediately place it in a bucket of water. Then remove the netting.

Leave your tree out in the cold, for as long as possible, until you are ready to bring it in and decorate it.

Try to find a cool spot in the house for your tree, preferably not over the top of a radiator- always the cooler the better.

Place the tree in a Christmas tree stand, not only is this the easiest way of putting your tree up safely but more importantly it allows you to keep your tree watered. A real tree can use up to 5 litres of water a day so try to make sure you keep it topped up.

Your tree should look fantastic right up until the twelfth night - when you can then get your tree recycled.